Cambio is the Only Non-Profit Spanish School in Antigua.

    Cambio Language School’s mission is simple: Offer the highest quality Spanish learning experience in Antigua Guatemala, and contribute to the development of the beautiful country that it calls home.

    We achieve this goal quite simply. By employing some of the most qualified teachers in Antigua, utilizing the best teaching methodologies and resources, and providing individualized attention to each student. Get in touch for more info on Spanish lessons and prices tailored to your needs.

    Cambio Language School was founded in 2012 as a part of the NGO Niños de Guatemala’s new emphasis on sustainable development practices. Cambio is is the only non- profit Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala. We operate under a profit-for-nonprofit model, meaning all of our proceeds are donated directly to NGO Niños de Guatemala. So, while you are learning, you are also providing an education to impoverished children who otherwise would not be attending school. By running a top-flight Spanish school that happens to be not-for-profit, Cambio learned to harness the best of both the business world and the nonprofit world. We offer a high-quality service for which there is a lot of demand. We call it profit-for-nonprofit, and we are excited to contribute to the social development of Guatemala.


    Cambio Language School

    Cambio Language School is a social business founded in 2012 to raise funds to support the local NGO Niños de Guatemala by sharing Spanish language and Guatemalan culture with tourists whilst raising money to fund education for Guatemalan children.

    Cambio Language School has been teaching Spanish since 2012.

    Cambio Language school has a wide range of experience in teaching Spanish to students from all over the world. The one-on-one classes with certified teachers benefit students whose specific needs and goals are always taken into account. In Cambio Language School, the quality of the education combined with flexibility is our strength and the reason why students choose to make a difference with us.

    Cambio Language School is authorized by the Ministry of Education, the Tourist Commission in Guatemala (INGUAT), and accredited by La Universidad Rural de Guatemala (the Rural University of Guatemala).

    Niños de Guatemala


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    Give to Niños de Guatemala
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    Niños de Guatemala

    100% of Cambio Language School profits are reinvested into NDG

    Niños de Guatemala (NDG) is a Dutch-Guatemalan community development organization that exists to provide an education to underprivileged Guatemalan children. NDG’s major projects are two primary schools and one secondry school that offer free education to the children of Ciudad Vieja and San Lorenzo el Cubo, two towns nearby to Antigua. NDG currently educates 431 children and is growing by 50 annually.

    NDG mission

    Niños de Guatemala empowers communities in marginalized areas of Guatemala. NDG believes that education is the best way to promote development and make change in people’s lives. Education is not just teaching someone to read and write, but also learning to incorporate values into our lives and become better citizens. Moreover, education is unique because it can impact not just the student, but also the student’s family and community, by allowing everyone to understand the benefits of education. NDG’s efforts to facilitate the education of this generation of Guatemalans, makes it more likely that the next generation will also attend school. This is achieved by providing education that extends beyond the traditional classroom across three levels: students, their families, and the larger community. NDG aims to be sustainable both at the organizational and community level through initiating and supporting social business activities and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

    Project Sustainability

    Within five years of launching a school, our team in Guatemala must be able to raise 100% of its operational costs. This method reduces our projects’ dependence on foreign support and ensures their longevity. To help with this goal, we’ve opened two social businesses in Antigua, Cambio Language School and The Experience Guatemala Tour, which reinvest all of their profits in NDG.

    About NDG


    Partnership with the Local Community

    NDG has always felt that our programs belong to those they serve. Our projects are directed and run by 100% Guatemalan staff, which helps to create jobs and foster a sense of local ownership. Each school is responsible for developing its own curriculum and afterschool programs as well as managing its finances. NDG’s role is to provide training, monitoring and evaluation.

    Donate to Niños de Guatemala

    Donate Directly to Niños de Guatemala


    Niños de Guatemala

    Cambio has working relationships with a number of NGO and for profit partners throughout Antigua, please see some of the great things on offer and ask us for more info.

    Old Town Outfitters

    Founded in 1998 – Old Town Outfitters is a full service adventure travel and destination management company (DMC) located in the Spanish colonial town of La Antigua. They specialize in designing custom-built trips for both organized groups and independent travelers. Old Town strives to provide unique, high quality trips which create rewarding experiences for their clients.


    The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the largest globally recognized student ID for all full time students in The United States. ISIC card holders are members of a truly global club. Every year students use their ISIC card to take advantage of offers at home and overseas on travel, shopping, museums, food and much more. ISIC also provides cards for teachers and people under the age of 30 that aren’t studying who can also enjoy thousands of discounts and benefits globally.

    Earth Lodge

    Earth Lodge is an eco-friendly mountain lodge near Antigua. With one of the best views in Guatemala, this lodge offers clean and comfortable canopy cabins, dorm beds and a tree house. Hike the hills, relax in a hammock, have a drink in its bar, and enjoy its delicious home made meals.

    As Green As It Gets

    As Green As It Gets supports sustainable economic development and direct trade in Guatemala. AGAIG works with coffee farmers and other producers to create businesses that provide income that allows Guatemalans to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

    Habitat for Humanity Guatemala

    Habitat for Humanity Guatemala is a non-profit organization that helps low–income families improve their housing conditions by building homes and housing colonies, improving existing houses, and offering improved stoves, water filters and basic sanitation services.


    CasaSito increases educational opportunities in rural areas so that those living in poverty can attend school, receive quality instruction, and obtain the skills they need to improve their lives. Some of the projects they support include: the provision of scholarships at local learning centers, capacity training for teachers and administration at local schools, and the construction of water tanks in remote, rural locations.


    Builders Beyond Borders (B3 Foundation)

    Burnz Fazzi Brock (BFB)

    Cementos Progresos



    HeSpace Children’s Fund

    Juan Bautista Gutierrez Foundation

    One, Two, Tree Foundation

    Students Offering Support

    Grupo Alza

    Hide and Drink

    Ilegal Mezcal

    Marky Markers

    Meson Panza Verde

    Mexcal Travel

    PepsiCo International

    The Good Hotel

    Club Rotaract Guatemala Norte

    Rotary Club, Antigua

    Rotary Club, Guatemala




    4a Calle Oriente #28
    Antigua, Guatemala


    +502 78328033


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