Tegan Winsor - Testimonial - Long-Term Volunteer 2017, My volunteer Experience

My name is Tegan and I was just in Antigua, Guatemala volunteer for Ninos de Guatemala in San Lorenzo el Cubo, another town outside Antigua, at one of the schools called El Porvenir. I was there for five months. They were the best moments of my life. I was so excited back in January to be coming back to Guatemala and helping out with children. My first day was amazing up until my last. It felt like a family another home for me. Everyday I would go into the kindergarten classroom and help the teacher and kids with everyday tasks in spanish. Throughout this time I became to know there routine and would help lead the children to there tables for snacks and start to take over prayer before snack. I got to know each of the children in the kindergarten class and bonded with other children within the other grades. The staff were all very helpful and I was grateful to have such wonderful people to talk to and ask for help. The whole environment is wonderful. The children always laughing and smiling. One of my favourite moments was when we all got together as a school and had each grade of boys and girls play each other in soccer. This lasted a whole week. A whole week of music and fun. My experience with Ninos de Guatemala has been by far my favourite and will always be in my heart and I plan on coming back.

Charlotte Rogers - Quote - Long-Term Volunteer 2017

Volunteering at Nuestro Futuro has been such a positive experience for me. I think it's helped me to understand more about the difficulties that many Guatemalans face but at the same time to see firsthand the empowering effect that quality education has on kids and their communities. It's a great opportunity to genuinely connect with the kids and it makes me feel good that I'm able to help in some small way.

Hannah Shier - Testimonial - Long-Term Volunteer 2017

I spent three months in Guatemala as a part of my gap year after high school and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I volunteered at the school in Ciudad Vieja with the youngest class, the parvulos. The kids at the school are incredible, you learn so much from them and they are so eager to share a connection with you. Ninos de Guatemala is a great organization, they are honest and open as to where the money goes. It was important to me to work with an organization that is reputable and gives the money to the cause instead of keeping it for themselves. From my personal experience, the staff and all of the volunteers care a lot about the students and want to do whatever they can to provide a good education for these children whose families can’t afford it. I truly had the most amazing time with NDG and I highly recommend volunteering with them if you are like me, on your gap year, or if you are just looking for a meaningful way to give back.

Audrey Bourget - Testimonial Summer School 2017

I had such an amazing experience while volunteering with Niños de Guatemala. During November 2017, I volunteered for a month at El Porvenir in San Lorenzo el Cubo. It was great to see that the students were happy to go to school every day. The teacher made them feel at home! While volunteering in the schools, I was a classroom assistant in the 2nd grade. I also had the opportunity to give the students afternoon sport workshops. I enjoyed my time with NDG so much that I continued volunteering in the NDG office during December to assist the Fundraising team with data entry and recruiting for an upcoming event. Volunteering with NDG has made me realize how lucky I am for the upbringing I had. NDG truly makes a difference in these children’s lives - it not only provides education but also gives back to the community through the extracurricular activities they offer. I highly recommend volunteering with Niños de Guatemala to everyone that wants to make a difference in a local Guatemalan community and help break the cycle of poverty!

Pepijn’s Volunteer Experience

I was with Niños de Guatemala for 2 months during Summer School where I gave Field Hockey classes to the kids, it was so fun! The children absolutely loved it and they were so happy. They listened really well and really learned a lot. I also helped the teacher in giving classes, correcting papers and more – I also gave a few math and English classes! Besides the work and projects, Niños de Guatemala is very active as well. They organise special social volunteer nights where you meet a lot of new people and have an awesome time. The people who work at Niños are also really caring. For example, they are on hand 24 hours and will arrange home visit doctors and help with anything else you need whilst you are in country. Niños de Guatemala is really awesome and would highly recommend it to individuals and groups!

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