Tegan Winsor - Testimonial - Long-Term Volunteer 2017, My volunteer Experience

My name is Tegan and I was just in Antigua, Guatemala volunteer for Ninos de Guatemala in San Lorenzo el Cubo, another town outside Antigua, at one of the schools called El Porvenir. I was there for five months. They were the best moments of my life. I was so excited back in January to be coming back to Guatemala and helping out with children. My first day was amazing up until my last. It felt like a family another home for me. Everyday I would go into the kindergarten classroom and help the teacher and kids with everyday tasks in spanish. Throughout this time I became to know there routine and would help lead the children to there tables for snacks and start to take over prayer before snack. I got to know each of the children in the kindergarten class and bonded with other children within the other grades. The staff were all very helpful and I was grateful to have such wonderful people to talk to and ask for help. The whole environment is wonderful. The children always laughing and smiling. One of my favourite moments was when we all got together as a school and had each grade of boys and girls play each other in soccer. This lasted a whole week. A whole week of music and fun. My experience with Ninos de Guatemala has been by far my favourite and will always be in my heart and I plan on coming back.


4a Calle Oriente #28
Antigua, Guatemala


+502 78328033


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