At Impact Language, we believe in creating a positive impact with everything we do. 100% net profit of all services booked with us is donated directly to Niños de Guatemala, an NGO providing education and empowerment to ~500 children who would otherwise not have access to it, to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to a better future for Guatemala. We offer unique and memorable language classes and experiences that collaborate with the communities we visit and support the local economy by partnering with local guides, providers, and artisans. Meet some of the locals we work with:


Daniela is a member of Impact Experiences’ guide team. Born in Guatemala City, Daniela moved to Antigua at a young age. With a scholarship from Impact Experiences, Daniela completed her INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Board) guide training and certification. Now as a guide with Impact Experiences, she loves to teach visitors about her country and culture while leading our impactful tours. Come explore Guatemala with Daniela!

Don Cesar

Don Cesar is a local coffin carpenter in community of Ciudad Vieja. He learned this trade, one of the principal industries in this community, from his father and now operates his own workshop with 5 employees. During our Chicken Buses, Woodwork, and NDG School tour in Ciudad Vieja, Don Cesar will tell you about his family business and show you the true artistry that goes into his craft.

Doña Rosa
parent, worry doll maker

Doña Rosa is the mother of 3 students enrolled in NDG’s schools. Doña Rosa makes worry dolls or quitapenas – traditional Mayan dolls which Guatemalans put under their pillow when they sleep to get rid of their worries – for her living, a profession held by 80% of mothers of students enrolled in NDG’s San Lorenzo school. During our Worry Dolls, Woodwork, and NDG School tour in San Lorenzo, Doña Rosa will tell you about her profession and even teach you how to make your own worry doll.


Chibola is the resident “artist” at a local chicken bus factory. He’s in charge of painting the buses and adding their intricate designs to the exterior. During our Chicken Buses, Woodwork, and NDG School tour in Ciudad Vieja, Chibola will tell you about the chicken bus industry and the process to convert these vehicles from retired U.S. school buses to the colorful contraptions you seeing flying through Guatemala’s streets.


Elvin is a member of the San Jose Calderas community, located on the side of the Acatenango Volcano. On our Acatenango Overnight Hike, Elvin and members of his community will show you what life is like there and how our hike is supporting the local community. During the hike, they’ll guide you to Acatenango’s summit where you can take in awe-inspiring views of Volcan de Fuego’s eruptions and lava flows and a breathtaking sunrise the next day.


Don Cristobal is the owner of a ceramics workshop in San Antonio Palopó, a pueblo renowned for its beautiful, color pottery. During our Lake Atitlan 2-3 Day Tour, Don Cristobal will teach you about this local industry, life in the village, and you can even paint a ceramic of your own!


Doña Maria is a member of the San Juan La Laguna traditional plants & medicines cooperative we visit on our Lake Atitlan 2-3 Day Tour. Here at the cooperative, Doña Maria and other local Tz’utujil Maya women grow more than 20 species of medicinal plants and hand-make various products from them, such as soaps, teas, candles, and medicines. Come learn about these traditional methods and make herbal products of your own.


Doña Herminia: Doña Herminia is a member of the San Juan La Laguna weavers’ cooperative we visit on our Lake Atitlan 2-3 Day Tour. As a child, Doña Herminia learned traditional weaving from her mother and grandmother. Now with other Tz’utujil Maya women, Herminia runs a local cooperative promote their trade. Come let Herminia teach you about her craft and the Maya Tz’utujil people.